1326 Roulette System

The 1326 roulette system is a variant of the Paroli roulette system in that its aim is to achieve four wins in a row.

How the 1326 System Works

You need to choose a starting bet to play roulette online with and this will be the basis for all of your bets in the sequence. Each bet that you place will multiply your original bet by the number of your position in your four-bet sequence. The first number will be multiplied by 1; the second number multiplied by 3; the third number multiplied by 2; the fourth number multiplied by 6.
If you original bet is $1, your sequence will look like this: $1-$3-$2-$6.
If you original bet is $4, your sequence will look like this: $4-$12-$8-$24.

If at any stage you lose your bet, you revert back to your original bet.

The Benefit of the 1326 System

The benefits of the 1326 system are that you risk a small amount for the chance to win a large amount.

Let’s look at some examples.

If your original bet is $1 and you win round 1, you have won $1. Add another $1 to the $2 on the table for your next bet. If you win, you will have $6. You next bet only needs to be $2, so put $4 into your pocket. If you win, you will have $4 on the table and you add $2 for your $6 bet. If you win, you will have $12, plus $2 in your pocket is a total win of $14. If you lose the last bet, you will lose $6, minus the $2 in your pocket for a loss of $4.

Now let’s look at your $4 original bet. If you bet $4 and win, you will have $8. On the next bet, you bet with $12, but if you lose, you will be down $8. If you win the second bet, you have bet with $12 and will have $24 on the table. The next bet needs to be $8 so put $16 into your pocket. If you now lose the third bet, you will lose $8, but will be up $16.

You can see by the above examples that even if you lose part way through your betting sequence, your losses will be limited and in certain instances, your losses will even be covered by your wins and you will still walk away with a profit.

Does the 1326 Roulette System Work?

No system will make you money. The odds of the game remain the same regardless of the system that you use and if you have a terrible run of luck, you will be down no matter what. The 1326 roulette system will help you to limit your losses if you stick to the methodical approach.

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