Responsible Gambling is completely committed to responsible gambling, advising that online casino games should only be played for fun and that players should only be gambling with money that they can afford to play with. We are also committed to ensuring that players that choose to play online casino games are the legal age to do so according to the laws set by their respective jurisdictions. not only displays the safest and most secure online casinos but also those that have made significant efforts to implement features within their software to promote responsible gambling. This can range from anything from having a maximum deposit limit or betting limit, all the way to having VIP customer support services that are available to advise players if they believe they are betting outside of their limits.

What does responsible gambling look like?

  • Before you decide to play online roulette, decide how much you can afford to lose and do not play with everyday expense funds
  • Check on your mood; are you feeling down or depressed? If so then avoid gambling on that day until you are in a clear midset
  • Clearly and concisely define how much you are willing to spend at the online casino
  • If your luck runs bad, make sure you have defined what your loss limit is. Ensure that you stick to this limit.
  • Set a specific time limit for how long you will play at the casino, e.g. 1 hour
  • Take regular breaks as online gaming can become very consuming
  • In the event of a loss, do not chase your losses and try to win them back, more often than not this compounds any losses
  • Use the responsible gambling tools provided by many of the online casinos. These include:
    • Customer-Led Deposit Limits – this allows you to control the amount you deposit into your casino account.
    • Self-Exclusion Tools – this useful tool allows you to set a period of time where you are able to log in to your casino account.

Legal Age Gambling

  • To play at an online casino, you must be at least 18 years of age to gamble, alternatively, you must be at least the legal gambling age for your home jurisdiction. This age varies from country to country, but it is defined as the age at which a person enters into full adult legal rights and responsibilities. For example, in the United States, the legal age to gamble in live casinos (e.g. Las Vegas) is 21, compared to the UK where you only have to be 18. Furthermore, this age is not necessarily the age where you can drink alcohol or where you can legally vote, so please do your research to see if you are of the right age before signing up and depositing at any of the online casinos on

Key Gambling Support Websites

Here are a list of some key gambling support websites that you can visit should you feel you need help or advice: