Monopoly Roulette: Hot properties

A pleasant and unusual roulette experience may be found in a monopoly-themed roulette game (Matador). In addition to the conventional game, there is an intriguing bonus game that can boost your chances of winning big.

With one exception, an extra bonus field, you can play roulette on a table similar to the European model.

If the ball lands on the bonus field and you have a bet on it, a bonus game is triggered.

The game has 18 cards hidden in various amounts. The game starts with you choosing a number of cards, then it offers you the average of these cards. You can now either win or shuffle your cards. The game continues until only one card remains.

Playing Monopoly Roulette Hot Areas

As previously stated, Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties is played like standard European roulette with one exception: the category "Hot Properties" is marked with a yellow field on the roulette wheel.

A bonus is activated when the ball lands in this wheel pocket. There are 18 cards in this set, each with a Monopoly property. These cards have values, which you can read about later in the article. The cards will be dealt at random and face down. Then 5 cards are chosen and their values shown. Then comes an offer based on the remaining cards' worth. You can either accept or decline this offer. If you continue, 5 cards are eliminated from the remaining 13 and an offer is made, which can be accepted or rejected.

If this offer is also rejected, the procedure continues, but with only 3 cards. If this is also rejected, there are two remaining, and one is removed, leaving only one - if you have this card, you win the value in it.

As the table shows, this variant's payouts are very comparable to European roulette's. The "Hot Properties" extra pocket affects the possibilities for some bets, although the similarities are great. If you know roulette, you know the racetrack has three other games: Tiers, Orphans, and Voisins. You can learn more about it on our website.

The yellow field on the roulette wheel is the path to the big prize in Monopoly Roulette Hot Properties. The 18 cards represent 1, 2, 5, 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 times the money.

RTP and best bonus strategy

Although the game is similar to European roulette, the theoretical payout is lesser. This is owing to the extra field with enhanced potential. The theoretical payout is 94.7 percent if you don't wager on "Hot Properties," and up to 95.47 percent if you do. This is owing to the added value of winning in this field.

To maximize your value in the game, you must always carefully refuse your cards. The offers you receive along the road will always be less than expected, and this includes your refund. You have two cards on 40x and 10x.

The average is 25x, but the game will always give you a lower offer, in this case 20x. Accepting the offers reduces value, but chasing the big prize increases variance.

Monopoly Hot Properties Pros and Cons

The game's clear advantage is "Hot Properties". It gives a new dimension to roulette, similar to "Deal or No Deal", where the player is constantly shown offers. The wonderful part is that you can win up to 100x your investment, which is better than any other roulette type. It's also fun to have such a field, and it's much better when you hit it.

The potential payback is consequently reduced, which is disadvantageous because the house already has an advantage over the players. Finally, this is not a live version, therefore you can only play this enjoyable variety on a computer. If you prefer live roulette, Lightning Roulette is an exciting type where you can win up to 500x your bet.