To beat the roulette wheel, some players have decided to approach the problem by betting on as many outcomes as possible. The Three Two roulette system is just an easy way to do this without forcing players to make opposing bets.

How To Use The System

When you sit down at the roulette table, you can start using the Three Two roulette system immediately. You have two different, but equal, options. Your first option is to bet two units on the second column and three units on red. The other option is to wager two units on the third column and three units on black. Either way, you’ll have money riding on twenty-six pockets.

The Three Two roulette system is easy to use for a few reasons. To start with, you don’t need to record any past spins. You don’t need to be that guy that never goes to a table without his notepad because he thinks that he can “clock” the tables and predict the future spins. Also, since you are only making two bets at a time, it isn’t expensive to experiment with the Three Two roulette system.

The Theory Behind The Three Two Roulette System

The matching between the proper columns and colors is designed to easily allow players to make big moves for a small price. The second column covers eight black pockets and four red ones so it is matched with a bet on red to cover as much of the board. The third column includes eight red pockets and four black ones so you’ll want to bet on black to get the same effect.

Players who are interested in using the Three Two roulette system know that they can cover about 70% of the pockets on the roulette wheel. The more pockets you can cover with your bets, the more ways you have of winning. With the Three Two roulette system, you should at least win one of your wagers 70% of the time and less than one third of the spins will result in losing both bets.

Does The Three Two Roulette System Work?

To answer this question, it’s a good idea to look at what the Three Two system is really accomplishing. You are making two separate wagers: a column bet and a color bet. Each of these, when played independently, has a 5.26% house edge working against you.

When you play with both kinds of bets simultaneously, you still have to deal with these statistical inequalities; nothing changes. In fact, if the Three Two roulette system leads you to put more money on the table each round, it could be extremely counterproductive because you’re putting more money at risk in the same amount of time.

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