Roulette History

Roulette was first developed in the 18th century although there is some evidence that pieces of the game were being developed even before then. During the 17th century Blaise Pascal created a version of roulette, but the roulette game that we all love today wasn’t officially formed until the 18th century. Before the game roulette was formed there were some other similar games and it’s believed that these games helped form roulette.

Some of the games that helped influence roulette include Roly-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts and E.O. The games listed above are English games, but there were also some Italian games that helped form roulette. The Italian games include Hoca and Biribi. The French also had a board game named Roulette which is where the name of the current game was derived from.

One of the very first signs of evidence of roulette being played comes from a French book titled “La Roulette”. The book describes how the game roulette was offered at the Palais Royal in Paris in 1796 and this is why the game has roots dating back to the 17th century and not just the 18th century. The game described in the book is very similar to the game we all play today in America. The first roulette wheel had 2 zeros which is exactly how the American Roulette wheel still looks.

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It wasn’t until 1843 that the first roulette wheel with only 1 zero was introduced to people. The only reason the roulette wheel with 1 zero was introduced in the first place was so that new casinos could compete with the casinos that already were established. By offering a roulette game with slightly better odds the newer casinos were able to draw in players. Gamblers also moved from playing other casino games to play roulette when the new one zero tables were introduced. This took place in Germany which was one of the biggest gambling countries in the world at the time in Europe. Germany banned gambling though in the 60’s and it caused all of the casinos to close up shop and move out of the country.

Some of the casino operators backed up and retired, but the Blanca Family moved to Monte Carlo which was the only place where in Europe where gambling was permitted. Monte Carlo remains the premiere spot in Europe to gamble on vacation and millions of people every year make the trip to the country. In Europe you’ll still find most roulette games being played with 1 zero. If you travel to the United States and Canada most casinos will only offer roulette with 2 zeros. The only exception is in cities with lots of other competition such as Vegas and Atlantic City where you’ll be able to find both American and European Roulette games being offered.

It should also be noted that when roulette was first developed there weren’t 36 numbers on the wheel, but instead there were only 28. It wasn’t until François Blanc changed the wheel to have 36 numbers. Now every roulette wheel has 36 numbers and the only difference you’ll find is that some roulette wheel have 1 zero and some roulette wheels have 2 zeros. If you add the sum of 1-36 you’ll also notice that it totals 666 and one of the biggest legends in roulette is that François made a deal with the devil to figure out the secrets to the roulette wheel.

Of course there is no way to confirm this legend and it will also remain just a legend of the game. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in all parts of the world. A lot of the reasons why the game is so popular is because the fact the game has a certain ambiance behind it. The game can be played by both low limit and high limit players, but back in the early days of roulette the game was often played by only the richest people in the casino.