Pivot Roulette System

The theory behind the pivot roulette strategy is that some roulette wheels demonstrate an imbalance and are therefore not as random as they should be. This strategy makes use of an unequal distribution law. In other words, it states that despite the fact that there should be a 1 in 38 chance of landing on a specific number (when there are 38 slots on the roulette wheel), some numbers will be landed on more often than other numbers. In other words, this law is contrary to the laws of probability in the game.

How to Play the Pivot Roulette System

You will need a piece of paper and a pen in order to play roulette online and follow this system. Start by writing down all of the numbers that the ball has landed on recently. When you come across a number that the ball has landed on twice, place a bet on that number. This number is known as your pivot number.

For example, in the sequence 3 6 36 2 19 17 5 32 6 your pivot number will be 6.
The number 6 will remain your pivot number for the next 36 spins unless you win. You must bet the same amount on the pivot number for all 36 spins or until you win.

When you win or when you reach the thirty sixth spin without winning, you must stop betting on that pivot number and select a new pivot number by writing down the sequence of numbers that the ball lands on until you find one that repeats.

The Theory of the Pivot Roulette System

On average, the same 24 numbers appear in 36 spins. It is rare for all 36 numbers to appear in 36 spins. This means that on average there will be 12 repeating numbers – and some of these will repeat more than once. The system capitalizes on these averages. A win on a single number bet (straight bet) in a game of roulette will pay out at 35-1. This means that if your pivot number comes up any time within thirty six spins, you will come out ahead. If your pivot number comes up on the last spin, you will break even. Your profits decrease with every spin of the wheel and so the earlier your pivot number comes up, the greater your profits will be.

Cautions for the Pivot System

It is essential that you bet the same amount of money on each bet that you place within one sequence (or one group of 36 bets). It is also essential that you keep to the system until the end of the 36 bets or until you have won. If you quit early, the theory behind the sequence will not work and you will come out losing.