Paroli Roulette System

The Paroli system is also referred to as the positive progression system. For those who are more familiar with the Martingale system, the Paroli system is the opposite of this system as you increase your bet if you win, rather than if you lose. This assumes a positive approach whereby you assume that if you won the current bet, you have hit a winning streak and you will win again on your next bet.

How to Play with the Paroli Roulette System

Before you begin to play you need to select a value for your starting bet. You then double your bet every time you win. If you lose at any point during your game, you revert back to your original bet.

Setting Limits to the Paroli System

One of the main keys with the Paroli system is that you need to end on a win, not a loss. You need to set yourself a limit of when you will stop playing. If you think you are good for four wins in a row, then you need to stop after four wins and not go for the fifth. Always stick to your limit. When you reach your limit either walk away from the game or revert back to your original bet and start your session again from the beginning. The downfall of the Paroli system is that it is difficult to walk away when you are winning and many players are tempted to have one more go. The casinos bank on this aspect of human nature and they make a lot of money off players who play by emotion rather than by sticking to their pre-set limits. Make sure you are not one of those who lose all of their wins by going beyond their limit.

Benefits of the Paroli System

The main benefit of the Paroli roulette system is that you do not need a large amount of money to play it, particularly if you start with a small bet. Your wins should cover any losses, particularly if you set yourself reasonable betting limits and you start with a small bet. The structured and rational approach to betting will help you to keep to any limits that you have set for yourself.

Does the Paroli System Work?

No system can guarantee that you will win if you use it if you play roulette online and the Paroli system is no different. It cannot change your odds in the game or increase the amount that you will win. What it does is gives you a structured approach to betting which will help you to play more rationally and stick to the limits that you set yourself. This is an important aspect of playing roulette successfully.