Parlay Roulette System

The Parlay roulette system is a positive progression betting system. The Parlay system is also known as the ‘let it ride’ system. As the name implies, you let your wins ride to your next bet.

How to Use the Parlay Roulette System

You need to choose a starting bet amount to play roulette online with. If you win your bet, you let it ride so that your next bet will be the original bet plus the win. In other words, if you place a bet of $1 and win $1, your next bet will be $2 and so on.

Benefits of the Parlay Roulette System

The main benefit of the Parlay roulette system is you have the possibility of enormous returns for very little starting bets. If you are on a winning streak your wins will accumulate into a very high sum in very little time. These large sums are let ride to the next bet and so on until you are playing with high roller sums.

Set Yourself Limits

It is easy to get carried away with the Parlay roulette system as it is always exciting to bet with large amounts of money, particularly when you have been on a winning streak. Many players also feel that since they started with such a small bet and all they are betting with are their winnings, that they have nothing to lose by continuing. This is not the case – what often separates professional gamblers from amateurs is the ability to know when to stop. Set yourself a limited number of bets or a maximum winning amount and you could truly walk away from the roulette table having won a bundle of money. One loss, on the other hand will see you losing it all so don’t be afraid to walk away when you reach your limit. Also, make sure to stick to your original bankroll. The beauty of this system is that it uses your original bet and that benefit will be lost if you continue to pour money into the game from your capital. Set a bankroll and make sure not to go beyond it.

Does the Parlay Roulette System Work?

The Parlay roulette system is an exciting system that feeds off the excitement that surrounds the game of roulette. It cannot guarantee you any wins, in the same way as none of the systems can do that. It can help you to win large amount from small starting bets, if you are on a winning streak. On the other hand, if you are on a losing streak, you will not win anything using this system. Make sure you set yourself limits and you will have a better chance of taking home some of your winnings.