Fibonacci Roulette System

The Fibonacci system is a system that is based on the Fibonacci sequence of numbers that occur throughout nature. The natural Fibonacci sequence is 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 etc, where each number is the sum of the two numbers that come before it. The Fibonacci system is similar to the better known Martingale system in that you increase your bet each time you lose, however there are specific differences between the two systems.

How to Use the Fibonacci System in Roulette

While the true Fibonacci sequence begins with 1, you can in fact choose any starting number and use a sequence that uses the uses the sum of the two numbers before it for your bet. Make sure to start with a small number as the figures grow very quickly. If you bet on a winning number, go back two numbers in the sequence and bet on that number again. This is because the last two numbers were the two numbers whose sum made up the number that you bet on when you won. The sequence ends when you are back to betting with one unit. There are those who suggest that when you play with the Fibonacci system that if you win your bet, the sequence is over and you start again. If you lose the bet, you move on to the next number in the sequence.

If you choose to start with the number 2, your sequence would look like this: 2 2 4 6 10 16 26 42 etc.
If you start with 3, your sequence would look like this: 3 3 6 9 15 24 39 etc.

Benefits of the Fibonacci System

If you are on a losing streak while playing online roulette with the Fibonacci system, you will find that you will not recover all of your losses, but you will reduce them. This system is relatively stable even in shorter betting sequences and once the sequences grow, one win is likely to compensate for previous losses. However, you must make sure to set a limit to your playing and cap the duration of the system to six or seven losses. This system provides a more gradual increase in the size of your bets than you will find with many other systems.

Disadvantages of the Fibonacci System

If you are on a losing streak, you will find that your betting amounts increase fairly quickly. Eventually you will find that you are limited either by your own bankroll or by the betting limits that are set by the casino. It is important to set betting limits before your bets become exorbitant. The Fibonacci system tends to be a win some-lose some type of system.