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One of the key promotions that attracts new players to online casinos is something called a “casino bonus”, “signup bonus” or “first deposit bonus”. These bonuses are given to players typically after they make their first real money deposit. However, as you start looking around for the best online casinos, you’ll notice that very few of these casinos actually offer really good roulette bonuses and instead offer casino bonuses for slots and blackjack.

Here at we have not only listed the safest, highest quality, most exciting and most reputable online casinos, but we have also exclusively arranged a number of the best roulette bonus deals that exist on the internet.

Note: To gain exclusive access to these roulette bonus deals, you must sign up through a link (simply click “Play Now”). This is because these deals have been exclusively arranged for only visitors to our website. If you were to sign up directly to the online casino itself, you would miss out on these roulette bonus offers.

The Top 3 Online Roulette Bonus Deals

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What Is A Roulette Bonus?

A roulette bonus is a promotion that is offered to new roulette players at online casinos when they make a real money cash deposit. This bonus can be considered at “free cash” but unfortunately it not quite as simple as that.

Firstly, your bonus will have something attached to it called a “play through requirement” (e.g 30x, 60x, 100x). This is the amount you must wager before you can successfully cash out your roulette bonus.

For example, let’s say you deposited $100 and got a $100 roulette bonus with a 30 times (30x) play through requirement. This $100 roulette bonus would become available to you straight away in your account (total account balance: $200), however, you would have to wager $3000 ($100 x 30 = $3000) on the online roulette tables before you could cash this roulette bonus out.

This play through requirement is to stop fraudsters and cheats taking advantage of the casino promotions and trying to cash out the bonus straight away. Nevertheless, while the play-through requirement figure might seem quite large, you will quickly realise that you will be wagering a lot more than you thought and you will be able to cash out the bonus before you know it.

There are a number of other considerations that online roulette players may have to make when choosing the best online roulette bonus.

Additional Roulette Bonus Considerations

Additional considerations regarding roulette bonuses include the size of the bonus that will be available to you when you register at the casino. This initial sign-up roulette bonus is also known as a first deposit bonus.

Some online casinos offer their new members a 100% or more matching roulette bonus when their first deposit is made. It is important to confirm that playing roulette and placing your bets there will count towards meeting the play-through requirements of your bonus. The reason for this is that some online casinos exclude roulette bets when it comes to meeting these play-through requirements due to the possibility of making large bets on both red and black at the same time (e.g. you could bet $1000 on red and black and the chances are you would get your money back but also contribute $2000 to the play through requirements).

However, at all of our exclusive bonuses are guaranteed to be valid to use at the roulette tables and so this is not a consideration you need to worry yourself about when choosing a roulette bonus from us.

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